The starting point is the port of Tropea, at about 8:00 a.m., with a rubber dinghy MASTER 33 (max passenger capacity 33), sailing along the Costa degli Dei towards Stromboli.
The first stop is Strombolicchio, a rock which detached from the famous Stromboli volcano following an eruption. Here you can admire the lighthouse on the cliff top and the crystal clear waters that surround it, moreover, with your masks and flippers you can observe the flora and fauna led by a guide to snorkeling.
The adventure will continue toward Stromboli where we land on the island to visit the beautiful rural village rich in natural beauty created in the long years of activity of the volcano. Particular and the beach, characterised by sabia black and its beautiful clear waters and clear.
The day will end around 19:00, with the return to the Port of Tropea, admiring the beautiful sunset.

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