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Adults Ages 12+
Children 3-11 years old

Explore the Beautiful Tropea Coastline with a Boat Excursion!

Enjoy six miles of coastline with crystal clear sea, pristine beaches, breathtaking views! Join us as we depart from the Port of Tropea with dinghy MASTER33 that holds up to 33 people. We will head toward south skirting Tropea and visit its ancient beauties.

We will begin by standing under the church Della Madonna of the Island. Continuing on, we will visit the fascinating Blue Grotto, particular for the transparent water and crystalline in its interior. Then, we will visit Formicoli, which is  now submerged. We may visit its beauties with mask and fins accompanied in water by a snorkeling guide. Finally, we arrive to the promontory of Capo Vaticano, where you can admire the lighthouse to peak and the wonderful white beaches calls “Praia the Focu,” where you can stay and visiting them exclusively in the boat. Returning toward Tropea, we will make a last stop at the Bay of Riaci admiring this enormous rock we will visit its ravines with a mask and flippers. After a splendid half day with us and with our staff, we will head back to the Port of Tropea.